Empowering Our Students


Owen Trippe

Owen recently graduated from Boston University with a degree in Marketing and Management Information Systems. This summer he will join CVS Health in Boston as a Digital Analytics Consultant. Owen manages Tech Time's website, fields customer support requests, and teaches SQL. He has previous work experience in CRM, email marketing campaigns, and database management.


Jared Karp

Jared is rising senior at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, pursuing a degree in English and Secondary Education. He has worked with students in a one-on-one basis through Varsity Tutors and volunteer programs at Wheaton College and through the Taunton Housing Authority, and has worked in a larger classroom setting at Tabor Academy Summer Camp. Jared teaches Minecraft, Web Design, and Science Fiction.


Benjamin Johnson-Staub

Ben Johnson-Staub graduated with a degree in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University. While there, he worked as a teaching assistant for an intro computer science course. He previously taught programming to middle and high school students at a summer program and a series of weekend workshops. Ben will be teaching a variety of programming classes with the Tech Time team before he starts work for Facebook as a software engineer in the fall.


Ben Stix

Ben is a computer science student at McGill University in Montreal. Ben teaches operating systems and manages Tech Time's email infrastructure. He has worked in software development, information technology, and information security, which is his passion. He uses Linux.


Thomas Charlton

Thomas is pursuing a degree in Game Production Management at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. He has also been a producer to a six month long game development project with a large team that he is currently working on. Thomas hopes to go on into the game development industry in a few years, after he graduates.


Ashlen K. Utiger

Ashlen is studying political science, secondary education, and music at The University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont. In her spare time, she composes and produces music. She has experience teaching in classrooms both in-person and online with Franklin Academy's Summer Sojourn program.


Sean Bergen

Sean is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Rochester Institute of Technology. He has a strong interest in mathematics, theoretical computer science, and research. Sean has worked on interdomain routing security during an REU with the University of Connecticut, as well as earning a spot in Michigan State University's High Powered Computing REU.


Davie Langer

Davie is pursuing an economics degree at Marlboro College in Marlboro, Vermont. She spends her free time running an Overwatch league and writing music, along with making logos for various organizations. After she graduates, Davie hopes to continue her academic career in law school.


Grayson MacKenzie

Grayson graduated with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Before joining Amazon Robotics as a Software Engineer, he worked at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and MITRE federal research institutions. Grayson teaches Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science and is passionate about the subject area.