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Operating Systems

Learn to use Linux. Students will set up their very own virtual Linux machine, learn to install packages, and develop command-line skills. By the end of the class, students will know how to set up and administer a linux system.

Programming Fundamentals

Learn the basic principles of programming that are used in every language and sub-discipline. Students will use python to explore foundational concepts such as boolean logic, iteration, recursion, and object-oriented programming.

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Video Editing

Programming in Java

Learn how to use the Java programming language and the object-oriented style of programming for which it is designed. The class will also cover basic data structures.


In this course, students will learn image manipulation techniques in Adobe Photoshop. By the end of the course, students will learn how to create, merge, and edit both whole images and their details.

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Minecraft Lake

Data Management with SQL

Students will learn the basic and intermediate functions of Structured Query Language (SQL). Students will learn to manipulate and edit data within a database, and create their own custom database.


Students will learn team building and creative problem-solving skills through Minecraft. They will also get an introduction to digital logic and electrical engineering through the in-game ‘redstone’ system.

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Functional Programming

Functional Programming is a style that emphasizes the relationship between programming and mathematics. Students will learn to program in this style both in a language specifically designed for it (OCaml) and in a more “style-agnostic” language (Python).

Team Game Development

Students will learn how to operate on a game development team, while learning an entry level game development engine (Game Maker Studios 2).

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Web Design

Students will examine the fundamental principles of web design, learn the HTML and CSS behind those principles, and, by the end of the session, will be able to construct their own rudimentary website with these tools.

Science Fiction

Students will read and examine classic works of science fiction literature and the critical analysis surrounding them, learning about the genre, its fundamentals, and how it has changed over time.

Math Formulas
Web Design

Discrete Math for Computer Science

This course introduces selected topics in Discrete Mathematics such as set theory, formal proofs, relations, and how they apply to computer science. Students will learn new concepts and then go over example problems with the class.

Web App Programming

Learn to use Flask to make web apps. Students will make their own web app using Flask and Python. By the end of the class, students will know how to write their own web app.

Making Music
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Digital Music

Learn the basics of music theory, and how to use software to compose and produce music. By the end of the class, each student will be able to compose a short music piece consisting of chords, melodies, and beats.

Introductory Programming in Scratch

A good first programming class for younger students that provides a softer introduction than Programming Fundamentals. Learn to use Scratch to create online projects. By using the block-based visuals, students will learn to use logic and reasoning to make games and other fun projects.

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Creative Writing

This class seeks to help students augment their writing ability for the better, both through the teaching of story structure and written form, and through the opportunity to practice their writing skills in an open, constructive setting. This course will specifically focus on the form of flash fiction, in which students will write multiple, very short stories throughout the term.