Creative Writing


This class seeks to help students augment their writing ability for the better, both through the teaching of story structure and written form, and through the opportunity to practice their writing skills in an open, constructive setting. This course will specifically focus on the form of flash fiction, in which students will write multiple, very short stories throughout the term.

Why It's Useful

Whether or not being a fiction writer is the ultimate goal for a student, a need for skilled writing and the ability to formulate and deliver constructive criticism to peers can manifest in all fields, professions, and grades. Writing well is an invaluable skill that can translate from the study of fiction writing to any other form of written work.

Prerequisite Knowledge

A good understanding of the English language.

Required Software




We are currently gauging demand for this class. Let us know what dates/times would work for you, and the minute we get enough students for a class we'll send you an email with the details.