Tech Time

Live instruction in a variety of technology skills.

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Our Class Format

1. Live Instruction

2. Office Hours

3. Online Forum

Every class will meet live on Google Classroom, Monday-Friday for 2 weeks. Class Recordings will be posted for future reference, and instructors will offer a few additional office hours each week for students who have additional questions. Students will also have access to an online forum where they can ask questions and receive feedback from both instructors and fellow students. All students need is a computer and an internet connection.


About Tech Time

Tech Time offers free summer classes teaching a variety of technology skills, from programming to Photoshop, intended to fill the hole left in your summer plans by COVID-19. Our classes are designed for middle and high school students with the necessities of remote learning in mind.

Our volunteer instructors are qualified university students and graduates pursuing careers in a variety of technical fields. Putting career advancement on hold (or having that choice made for them by COVID-19), they are motivated by a desire to share the opportunities they’ve had with a younger generation. Each class, except those built around group projects, will have at most 10 students so that each can be assured individual attention from the instructor.

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